Owning a bridal shop often makes you the person behind-the-scenes, this time we were able to get Jena Lynn Dick, of J.Lynn Bridal, in for a style-out and photo session with her in front of the camera instead of behind. Jena was initially concerned that her hair was too thin and fine to hold volume or curl. Ashley at Lada Salon & Spa considered this hair style technique as the solution, combined with product.

Hair – After adding Aveda’s Shampure Thermal Dry Conditioner, as heat protectant, the styling began with barrel curls that were allowed to cool in the curled position. Then Aveda Air Control Hair Spray, medium, was added for hold. This technique provides both longevity and adds strength in each curl. A simple and elegant solution for volume. A single lock was back combed slightly and Aveda Air Control Hair Spray was added to encourage fullness. The lock was then brought into a side braid. The finishing touch was a thin veil of Aveda’s Brilliant Spray On Shine. Few more images here.

 Bridal Hair for WeddingsMakeupDuring consultation it was decided that wedding makeup shouldn’t be too far away from what is normal for each person. The goal with the make up was to keep it as simple and natural as possible, we didn’t want to get too far away from how Jena typically does her own make up. We simply wanted to add a little bit of pop and a little extra color to enhance features and show up a slightly more prominent in photos. We still wanted people to recognize her! Ashley used subtle layering and edging of various Aveda makeup products to accomplish this: Illumination eyeshadow, Spark eyeshadow, Cacao liner, Aura shadow, Plum Touch blush, Tayberry lip color with Kola lipliner, Black Forest Mosscara and Astor dual foundation powder were all used. Cacao liner was applied along the lash line and Spark was used to set the liner. Aura eyeshadow was dusted over the entire eye. Aveda Feed My Lips Primer was applied first to help lipstick last through wedding and reception, then Kola liner, finishing with Tayberry lip color. This makeup, product and hair style technique came together beautifully for Jena.